pre-fried stick potatoes

More yield per portion, thanks to:

  • a longer and more homogeneous cut
  • better compactness, that reduces the number of broken pieces

More compactness, during and after the frying:

  • A lower number of broken pieces during the cooking
  • Sticks stays more crunchy, and for longer time

Our potatoes offer a unique taste experience…

  • for their colour, that have a distinctive natural yellow glare
  • for their texture, a light and creamy consistency
  • for their aroma and taste, appreciated because typical of the “home-made” potatoes.

Available Formats
4 x 2,5 kg


  • potatoes

Tabella Nutrizionale

energy 608 KJ / 144 Kcal
fats 3.8 g
whereof saturated fatty acids 0.27 g
carbohydrates 23.8 g
whereof sugar 0.7 g
fibers 2.1 g
proteins 2.7 g
salt 0.03 g