A leader in the frozen vegetables market, Agrifood-Covalpa has always stood out for the safety, quality and taste of its frozen products. The company offers the Foodservice sector a range of traceable and short-chain products that are 100% Italian, designed for industrial use. Vegetables and horticultural products offered by Agrifood-Covalpa to the Foodservice sector are processed and frozen immediately after being harvested, ensuring high quality and a unique taste. They are therefore ideal for a variety of uses such as pasta, general cooking and cooking in ovens.

The Foodservice range from Agrifood-Covalpa is also designed to meet the needs of recreational cooks, and is therefore used in the kitchens of hotels, restaurants and cafes, but also in catering. Finally, Agrifood-Covalpa frozen products are also suitable for industrial use by pizza makers and ready-meals.
Agrifood-Covalpa offer the Foodservice market a full range of brands and a large variety of frozen vegetables and products that meet the needs for Italian cooking with taste, freshness and quality. The brands are: Passione Verde, Grandi Panieri, Ortolandia, Le Patatose, Foglia a Foglia and Fresco Verde.

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