The Production Chain

A very short and regulated production chain is the key to the high quality of Agrifood-Covalpa frozen products.

The processing and freezing of all products takes place at the agro-industrial plant located in Celano, in the province of L’Aquila, an easily accessible location for all the companies operating on the Fucino plain and in the surrounding supply areas. Here, horticultural products are subject to careful selection, according to very strict quality controls and GMO-free certifications. The vegetables are then washed, sliced and frozen freshly collected at the right level of ripeness to keep their quality and nutritional value intact.
Product processing is carried out according to the product line they belong to. Agrifood-Covalpa offers five different lines:

  • Leaves Line: processing and packaging of spinach, beetroot, chicory and turnip greens.
  • Nofrost Line: processing of carrots and fresh potatoes.
  • Assorted Vegetables Cubes and Rondelles Line: potatoes, carrots, soups made from vegetables cut into convenient ready-to-use shapes.
  • Potato Line: various types of frozen potatoes (sticks, cubes, new, wedges) pre-fried or natural.
  • Chopped Fennel, Broccoli e Cauliflower Diamonds Line.

Once defrosted, the vegetables produced by Agrifood-Covalpa have the texture, appearance, aroma and nutritional characteristics of the freshly harvested product, with the advantage of being ready to use without having to be washed and cut.

Monitoring of the supply chain is not limited just to the finished product. The Group’s Agronomic Department monitors and checks each stage of the production process, from sowing to harvesting: crop planning; selecting plant varieties to grow (preferring those native to the Abruzzo region); selecting the best seeds; continuous checks out in the field. We do everything possible to eliminate or minimise the use of chemicals and to always offer our consumers only nature’s finest.