Quality does not appear overnight, it is the result of attention, love for our work, years of study, application of good practices, and continuous monitoring across the entire production process.

Since 1994, the Agrifood-Covalpa Group has been a PO (Producer Organisation). This is key to guaranteeing a short supply chain, planning and traceability of products, from collection to consumption. All decisions made on the growing, harvesting, processing, freezing and packaging of horticultural products are aimed at leaving the products’ organoleptic qualities and vitamin and mineral content as unaltered as possible, thus allowing the consumer to put the best of Italian agriculture on the table for a healthy, balanced diet rich in all the nutrients necessary for human body’s health and well-being. Agrifood-Covalpa has achieved all of this thanks to meticulous teamwork coupled with strict control procedures: the specialists, agronomists and manufacturers involved all work in tune with each other – from sowing to the final product processing – to ensure compliance with the highest quality standards and continuously monitor the chemical, nutritional and bacteriological characteristics of each product grown and processed.

The result is a wide range of high-quality, ready-to-use and easy-to-use vegetables, rich in taste and with all of their unique features intact. Agrifood-Covalpa products are created to allow people to eat properly, according to the advice of leading experts and world-renowned nutritionists who advise that you eat at least five vegetable portions each day, chosen from five different colour groups: white, yellow/orange, red, blue/purple and green.