The Group

The Agrifood-Covalpa food-industry group has a history that can attest to its quality, dependability and reliability.

It was 1989 when seven agricultural cooperatives joined AMPP (Associazione Marsicana dei Produttori di Patate, the Marsica Association of Potato Producers) and, with the aim of providing genuine and 100% Italian frozen foods to the general public, gave birth to this company.

Agrifood-Covalpa boasts over 2,000 small producers located on the Fucino plain in Abruzzo. Here, thanks to the daily efforts of our certified farmers, high quality vegetables are carefully grown and then processed in the factory at Celano (province of L’Aquila) shortly after collection, so that their quality and freshness remains intact and they arrive on the consumer’s table as though they were just picked. The strategic location of the factory also allows us to reach supply points not only in Abruzzo, but also Puglia, Lazio and Marche within a maximum of two hours.

The Agrifood-Covalpa group, with the aim of improving the quality of life of consumers and society in general, has always supported and promoted a good and proper diet where the vegetable is the main item and not merely an accessory. It therefore offers tasty and nutritious products grown in Italy according to the highest quality standards. The Group pays particular attention to:


Subjecting all our products to strict testing by independent bodies


Meticulously checking the entire production chain.


Promoting water and energy saving practices and also sustainable forms of farming, all while using the best agrifood technologies available.


Being capable of quickly adapting to market changes.

Agrifood-Covalpa is present on the market through the Passione Verde, I Grandi Panieri, Ortolandia, Fresco Verde and Le Patatose brands, both in Retail and Foodservices. The Group offers a rich variety of vegetables from all seasons – tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, spinach, peas, celery, pumpkins, beetroots, onions, leeks, parsley and many more – all ready to use, already washed and cut into convenient shapes (cubes, rondelles, diamonds, leaves, etc.) in packs of different weights and sizes to meet even the most specific of consumption needs.

We combine all of our commitment, experience and knowledge with your imagination and creativity to bring hearty, tasty and – in particular – healthy dishes to your table.