With the aim of ensuring maximum safety and a unique taste for every product, Agrifood-Covalpa technicians perform rigorous checks throughout the supply chain.

During the growing process, each seed is subjected to a control process to check its integrity and quality before being planted. The soil to be sown is checked and cleared of any element – such as insects and natural organic residues – which could adversely affect the quality of the area to be planted. This then continues throughout irrigation, respecting the environment and with a view to saving water. Plant growth is also constantly tracked and protected through a natural and eco-sustainable process that avoids using products with the potential to harm the environment and the product itself and alter the flavour. In fact, Agrifood-Covalpa crops are protected by the controlled use of natural products that prevent contamination due to external causes. Once harvested, the horticultural products are carefully checked and selected to ensure that they are of the highest quality. All of this makes sure that a finished product with a unique taste, grown, processed and packaged with the utmost care arrives straight to the tables of Italian consumers.