coloured carrots mix

Our carrots comes from Fucino Valley and they are a PGI product. They have an intense colour and they are high in vitamins. They are parents of the orange carrots that are more known. White and yellow carrots are totally natural and create a mix of colour that whet adult and children’s curiosity. It is packaged in a smaller and lighter size, for being convenient also for smaller kitchen and for quick service restaurants too.

Available formats
5 x 1 kg


  • orange carrots
  • white carrots
  • yellow carrots

Tabella Nutrizionale

energy 193 KJ / 46  Kcal
fats 0.5 g
whereof saturated fatty acids 0.05 g
carbohydrates 7.9 g
whereof sugar 4.7 g
fibers 3.3  g
proteins 0.8 g
salt 0.17  g