“leaf by leaf” swiss chard leaves

The convenience of a washed and cut product come together with the need of a product that is comparable with the fresh one. It is for this reason that comes to life the “leaf by leaf” technique, with the aim of making quicker but sublime side dishes.It is packaged in a smaller and lighter size, for being convenient also for smaller kitchen and for quick service restaurants too.

Available Formats
2 x 2,5 kg


  • Swiss chard leaves

Tabella Nutrizionale

energy 83 KJ / 20  Kcal
fats 0.1 g
whereof saturated fatty acids 0.0 g
carbohydrates 2.8 g
whereof sugar 2.8  g
fibers 1.2  g
proteins 1.3 g
salt 0.02  g